Best Advice About How To Have Twins

Best Advice About How To Have Twins

How to have twins is a common question for several expectant parents. Having twins can be a great challenge. The chances of conceiving twins are not that high. The odd of having twins is equivalent to 1 in every 33 live births. Twins occur when a single egg is fertilized and splits into two embryos or when a woman’s ovaries release two eggs. There are also several factors that can increase the chances of success on how to have twins, but some of these things are really out of your control. The likelihood of having twins can be increased by maternal age, number of pregnancies, race, use of fertility treatments, and maternal history of twins.

The term twins generally refers to conceiving two babies at the same time during a single pregnancy as well as delivering both of them in just a single labor. For some, getting pregnant with twins can be seen as miracles as to the reason that a woman’s ovaries only release one egg cell each month.

Conceiving Twins

Pregnancy is truly a great experience a mother can have, and the happiness will surely be doubled if you get pregnant with twins. Twins has two basic types which include the following:

Identical Twins

Identical twins are rare. This happens when the fertilized egg splits during the stage and forms two babies with the same amount and type of DNA. It is also called monozygotic twins. Identical twins are always the same sex and also look very alike. Often these identical twins are “mirror image” twins, wherein one twin is right-handed and the other is left-handed.

Best Advice About How To Have TwinsThe likelihood of having identical twins is not genetically determined. It is estimated that 4 in every 1,000 live births are identical twins. Two-thirds of identical twins have a single placenta with two inner membranes and a single outer membrane. This kind of identical twins are called monochorionic diamniotic or MCDA.

Identical twins usually split on the fourth day of fertilization. High rates of day four twins are formed in IVF or Invitrofertilization treatments. Twins that split around day nine are of concern because its umbilical cords can get entwined. Twins that split after day 13 of fertilization are called conjoined twins. This happens when a splitting embryo does not fully separate but continues to develop as two entities. They may be joined at the chest, hip, head, or pelvis. They may also share the same vital organs, cranial space, limbs, or digestive systems. The chances of successful separation for conjoined twins are greater in early childhood.

Fraternal Twins

Most twins are fraternal. It is also called heterozygous twins. This occurs when two or more eggs are released and fertilized in the monthly cycle. Fraternal twins may be of one or both sexes. Each grows in a separate placentas and separate amniotic sac.

How To Have Twins?

Best Advice About How To Have TwinsBelow are some tips that can help you on how to have twins. You can use them as your guide to increase your chances of success. Here are the following:

• Eating dairy products – According to some experts, women who eat dairy are five times more likely to have twins than those who don’t. Vegans appear to be less likely to conceive twins according to the study. Consuming dairy products like milk from growth hormone treated cow can increase your chances of conceiving twins.

• Eating Wild Yams – Wild yam may contain chemicals which may hyper- stimulate the ovaries resulting in the release of more than one egg during ovulation. Researchers believe that the wild yams may play a role in the high rate of twins conceived in some African town.

• Folic Acid Supplements – According to some studies, taking folic acid supplements can also be helpful on how to have twins. Taking folic acid while trying to get pregnant can increase the chances of conceiving twins by 40% or above.